Family Protection Portmarnock

Nestegg Wealth Brokers Ltd’s Family Protection Portmarnock advice and recommendations, help families get the right cover for their lifestyle.


Family Protection Portmarnock

Whatever you are about to start a family or already have a young child, it’s extremely important to seek out family protection cover. While most families already have insurance in place to protect the family home, such as mortgage protection and life insurance, family Protection is sometimes overlooked.

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What is Family Protection and Why is It So Important?

Family Protection is insurance designed to cover a family’s monthly outgoings in the unfortunate event of illness or death. This type of insurance is designed to protect a family from the financial upheaval and financial hardships that will likely follow the loss of earnings.

By putting a Family Protection insurance plan in place, a family can rest assured that an adequate amount of income will continue to flow into the household in the event of a loss of earnings.

Our Family Protection Portmarnock offices have helped families get the right family protection cover to protect their family’s lifestyle.

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